Quran Quote  : 

Ans: Its mentioned in Surah Baqrah to change the direction (Qibla) from Al-Aqsa to Kabah.

Ans: The first word revealed to Prophet Muhammad was Iqra

Ans: The meaning of the word Quran is To Read;

Ans: The Arabic term Tafseer is used for interpreting the Quran.

Ans: Injeel(Bible), Torah and Zubur

Ans: Surah Al fatiha was revealed in one sitting by Alllah through ach Angel Gabriel to Prophet Muhammad.

Ans: Each Surah or chapter contains verses, these verses are called Ayat.

Ans: Quran was revealed over the period of 23 years.

Ans: There are 114 Or Surah in Holy Quran.

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