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Surah Al-Mulk English Translation,Transliteration Tafsir [1-10]

About the surah Al-Mulk

Al-Mulk (Arabic: الملك, "Sovereignty, Kingdom") is the 67th chapter (surah) of the Quran, comprising 30 verses.

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The summary/theme of the surah Al-Mulk:

In this surah, Allah's many attributes are emphasized, along with the punishments awaiting those who reject Islam.

Lesson learned from surah Al-Mulk:

  1. Allāh created life and death to test us how we fare in terms of our actions.  
  2. You will never be able to find a crack in the sky.  
  3. Each time a group will be thrown into the Fire of Jahannam, the angels will ask them whether or not they were warned of this punishment. They will admit that they were warned, but they belied the Messengers.  
  4. Whether you whisper or talk loudly, Allāh knows what your hearts conceal.  
  5. How can we be assured to be safe of the earth swallowing us up as punishment from Allāh?  
  6. How can we be assured of safety from stones raining upon us as punishment from Allāh?  
  7. What if the being who gives us sustenance decides to withdraw from granting it to us?  
  8. The knowledge of the Hour is exclusively with Allāh. 



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بِسۡمِ ٱللَّهِ ٱلرَّحۡمَٰنِ ٱلرَّحِيمِ


تَبَٰرَكَ ٱلَّذِي بِيَدِهِ ٱلۡمُلۡكُ وَهُوَ عَلَىٰ كُلِّ شَيۡءٖ قَدِيرٌ
Transliteration:( Wa Maryamab nata 'Imraanal lateee ahsanat farjahaa fanafakhnaa feehee mir roohinaa wa saddaqat bi kalimaati Rabbihaa wa Kutubihee wakaanat minal qaaniteen (End Juz 28) )

1.Blessed is He (2) in Whose control is the total sovereignty (3), and He has power (4) over all the things.

ٱلَّذِي خَلَقَ ٱلۡمَوۡتَ وَٱلۡحَيَوٰةَ لِيَبۡلُوَكُمۡ أَيُّكُمۡ أَحۡسَنُ عَمَلٗاۚ وَهُوَ ٱلۡعَزِيزُ ٱلۡغَفُورُ
Transliteration:( Allazee khalaqal mawta walhayaata liyabluwakum ayyukum ahsanu 'amalaa; wa huwal 'azeezul ghafoor )

2.Who created (5) death and life that He may try (6) you as to which of you a best in deeds. And He is the Honourable, the Forgiving (7).

ٱلَّذِي خَلَقَ سَبۡعَ سَمَٰوَٰتٖ طِبَاقٗاۖ مَّا تَرَىٰ فِي خَلۡقِ ٱلرَّحۡمَٰنِ مِن تَفَٰوُتٖۖ فَٱرۡجِعِ ٱلۡبَصَرَ هَلۡ تَرَىٰ مِن فُطُورٖ
Transliteration:( Allazee khalaqa sab'a samaawaatin tibaaqam maa taraa fee khalqir rahmaani min tafaawut farji'il basara hal taraa min futoor )

3. Who created the seven heavens, and above (8) another. You see no disparity( 9) in the creation of the Affectionate. Then observe again. Can you see any disorder (10)?
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ثُمَّ ٱرۡجِعِ ٱلۡبَصَرَ كَرَّتَيۡنِ يَنقَلِبۡ إِلَيۡكَ ٱلۡبَصَرُ خَاسِئٗا وَهُوَ حَسِيرٞ
Transliteration:( Summar ji'il basara karrataini yanqalib ilaikal basaru khaasi'anw wa huwa haseer )

4. Then turn back the eye again and again; your look shall come back to you confused, while it is fatigued (11).
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وَلَقَدۡ زَيَّنَّا ٱلسَّمَآءَ ٱلدُّنۡيَا بِمَصَٰبِيحَ وَجَعَلۡنَٰهَا رُجُومٗا لِّلشَّيَٰطِينِۖ وَأَعۡتَدۡنَا لَهُمۡ عَذَابَ ٱلسَّعِيرِ
Transliteration:( Wa laqad zaiyannas samaaa'ad dunyaa bimasaa beeha wa ja'alnaahaa rujoomal lish shayaateeni wa a'tadnaa lahum 'azaabas sa'eer )

5. And certainly, We have adorned this lower (12) heaven with lamps (13) (stars) and We have made these missiles for the Shaitaan (14) and We have prepared for them the punishment of burning (15),

وَلِلَّذِينَ كَفَرُواْ بِرَبِّهِمۡ عَذَابُ جَهَنَّمَۖ وَبِئۡسَ ٱلۡمَصِيرُ
Transliteration:( Wa lillazeena kafaroo bi rabbihim 'azaabu jahannama wa bi'sal maseer )

6. And for those who disbelieve (16) in their Lord, for them is the panishment of Hell. And what an evil destination it is (17)!

إِذَآ أُلۡقُواْ فِيهَا سَمِعُواْ لَهَا شَهِيقٗا وَهِيَ تَفُورُ
Transliteration:( Izaaa ulqoo feehaa sami'oo lahaa shaheeqanw wa hiya tafoor )

7.When they shall be thrown therein, they will hear a loud moaning (18) of it, as it boils.

تَكَادُ تَمَيَّزُ مِنَ ٱلۡغَيۡظِۖ كُلَّمَآ أُلۡقِيَ فِيهَا فَوۡجٞ سَأَلَهُمۡ خَزَنَتُهَآ أَلَمۡ يَأۡتِكُمۡ نَذِيرٞ
Transliteration:( Takaadu tamayyazu minal ghaizz kullamaaa ulqiya feehaa fawjun sa alahum khazanatuhaaa alam ya'tikum nazeer )

8.Almost bursting of fury(19) Whenever a group (20) will be thrown in it, its keeper shall ask them: "Did there not come to you a warner (21)

قَالُواْ بَلَىٰ قَدۡ جَآءَنَا نَذِيرٞ فَكَذَّبۡنَا وَقُلۡنَا مَا نَزَّلَ ٱللَّهُ مِن شَيۡءٍ إِنۡ أَنتُمۡ إِلَّا فِي ضَلَٰلٖ كَبِيرٖ
Transliteration:( Qaaloo balaa qad jaaa'anaa nazeerun fakazzabnaa wa qulnaa maa nazzalal laahu min shai in in antum illaa fee dalaalin kabeer )

9.They shall say: "Yes, indeed there came to us a warner, but we rejected" (him) and said: "Allah has not revealed (22) any thing. You are only in a great misguidance (23),

وَقَالُواْ لَوۡ كُنَّا نَسۡمَعُ أَوۡ نَعۡقِلُ مَا كُنَّا فِيٓ أَصۡحَٰبِ ٱلسَّعِيرِ
Transliteration:( Wa qaaloo law kunnaa nasma'u awna'qilu maa kunnaa feee as haabis sa'eer )

10. And they shall say: "Had we but listened or used (our) intelligence (24), we would not have been among the inmates of the great fire."


Surah Al-Mulk English Translation and Transliteration

In Surah Al-Mulk you can read the translation of Ahmad Raza Khan who was a renowned scholar of the Islamic world and his translation book is known as Kanzul Imaan. You can read the transliteration of Surah Al-Mulk which will help you to understand how to read the Arabic text. Apart from that, we have included a Word-By-Word English Translation of the Arabic text of Surah Al-Mulk.

Surah Al-Mulk English Tafsir/Tafseer (Commentry)

In Surah Al-Mulk we have included two Tafseer (Commentary) in English. The first one is from Mufti Ahmad Yaar Khan who was a well-known scholar. In this tafsir, we have also included the most popular Tafsir Ibn-Kathir which is the most comprehensive tafsir available in the world. You can read both or any one of your choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are 30 verses / Ayat in Surah Al-Mulk

Surah Al-Mulk was revealed in Makkah

Surah Al-Mulk can be found in Juz or Para 29

There are 1 1/2 Ruku in Surah Al-Mulk

Surah number of Surah Al-Mulk is 67

The meaning of Surah Al-Mulk is The Dominion, Sovereignty, Control

You can find English Translation, Transliteration and Tafseer/Tafsir of Surah Al-Mulk here at quran4ever.com. Here two tafseer are currently.One is Tafsir Ibn-Kathir and another one is Tafsir-e-Naeemi.

Dear bothers and sisters as a Sunni Muslim we cannot say any Translation and Tafseer was as long it conforms with the 4 school of thoughts. But here at quran4ever.com, we have included Tafsir Ibn-Kathir which is most comprehensive tafsir. Apart from that we have also included tafsir of Mufti Ahmad Yaar khan, Tafsir-e-Naeemi of Surah Al-Mulk.

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