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يٰۤاَيُّهَا النَّبِىُّ اتَّقِ اللّٰهَ وَلَا تُطِعِ الۡكٰفِرِيۡنَ وَالۡمُنٰفِقِيۡنَ‌ؕ اِنَّ اللّٰهَ كَانَ عَلِيۡمًا حَكِيۡمًاۙ‏ ﴿۱﴾ 

O Prophet, fear Allah and do not obey the unbelievers and the hypocrites. Verily Allah is All-Knowing, Most Wise.

Surah Name : Al-Ahzab   Surah Number : 33   Ayat Number: 1
Topic : Fear Allah and dont obey unbelievers an Hypocrites

وَّاتَّبِعۡ مَا يُوۡحٰٓى اِلَيۡكَ مِنۡ رَّبِّكَ‌ؕ اِنَّ اللّٰهَ كَانَ بِمَا تَعۡمَلُوۡنَ خَبِيۡرًاۙ‏ ﴿۲﴾

Follow that which is revealed to you from your Lord. Verily Allah is fully aware of all that you do.

Surah Name : Al-Ahzab   Surah Number : 33   Ayat Number: 2
Topic : Follow that which is revealed to you

وَتَوَكَّلۡ عَلَى اللّٰهِ‌ؕ وَكَفٰى بِاللّٰهِ وَكِيۡلاً ‏ ﴿۳﴾ 

Put your trust in Allah: Allah is sufficient as Guardian.

Surah Name : Al-Ahzab   Surah Number : 33   Ayat Number: 3
Topic : Put your trust on Allah

مَّا جَعَلَ اللّٰهُ لِرَجُلٍ مِّنۡ قَلۡبَيۡنِ فِىۡ جَوۡفِهٖۚ وَمَا جَعَلَ اَزۡوَاجَكُمُ الّٰٓـئِْ تُظٰهِرُوۡنَ مِنۡهُنَّ اُمَّهٰتِكُمۡ‌ۚ وَمَا جَعَلَ اَدۡعِيَآءَكُمۡ اَبۡنَآءَكُمۡ‌ؕ ذٰلِكُمۡ قَوۡلُـكُمۡ بِاَفۡوَاهِكُمۡ‌ؕ وَاللّٰهُ يَقُوۡلُ الۡحَقَّ وَهُوَ يَهۡدِىۡ السَّبِيۡلَ‏ ﴿۴﴾

Allah has never put two hearts within one person's body nor has He made your wives, whom you compare to your mothers' backs (to divorce them), your true mothers; nor has He made those whom you adopt as sons your own sons. These are only words that you utter with your mouths. But Allah proclaims the Truth and directs you to the Right Path.

Surah Name : Al-Ahzab   Surah Number : 33   Ayat Number: 4
Topic : Allah has not put two hearts into your body

اُدۡعُوۡهُمۡ لِاَبَآٮِٕهِمۡ هُوَ اَقۡسَطُ عِنۡدَ اللّٰهِ‌ۚ فَاِنۡ لَّمۡ تَعۡلَمُوۡۤا اٰبَآءَهُمۡ فَاِخۡوَانُكُمۡ فِىۡ الدِّيۡنِ وَمَوَالِيۡكُمۡ‌ؕ وَ لَيۡسَ عَلَيۡكُمۡ جُنَاحٌ فِيۡمَاۤ اَخۡطَاۡتُمۡ بِهٖۙ وَلٰكِنۡ مَّا تَعَمَّدَتۡ قُلُوۡبُكُمۡ‌ؕ وَكَانَ اللّٰهُ غَفُوۡرًا رَّحِيۡمًا‏ ﴿۵﴾

Call your adopted sons after their true fathers; that is more equitable in the sight of Allah. But if you do not know their true fathers, then regard them as your brethren in faith and as allies. You will not be taken to task for your mistaken utterances, but you will be taken to task for what you say deliberately. Allah is Most Forgiving, Most Compassionate.

Surah Name : Al-Ahzab   Surah Number : 33   Ayat Number: 5
Topic : Most Forgiving, Most Compassionate

اَلنَّبِىُّ اَوۡلٰى بِالۡمُؤۡمِنِيۡنَ مِنۡ اَنۡفُسِهِمۡ‌ وَاَزۡوَاجُهٗۤ اُمَّهٰتُهُمۡ‌ؕ وَاُولُوۡا الۡاَرۡحَامِ بَعۡضُهُمۡ اَوۡلٰى بِبَعۡضٍ فِىۡ كِتٰبِ اللّٰهِ مِنَ الۡمُؤۡمِنِيۡنَ وَالۡمُهٰجِرِيۡنَ اِلَّاۤ اَنۡ تَفۡعَلُوۡۤا اِلٰٓى اَوۡلِيٰٓٮِٕكُمۡ مَّعۡرُوۡفًا‌ؕ كَانَ ذٰلِكَ فِىۡ الۡكِتٰبِ مَسۡطُوۡرًا‏ ﴿۶﴾ 

Surely the Prophet has a greater claim over the believers than they have over each other, and his wives are their mothers. According to the Book of Allah, blood relatives have greater claim over each other than the rest of the believers and the Emigrants (in the cause of Allah), except that you may do some good to your allies (if you so wish). This is inscribed in the Book of Allah.

Surah Name : Al-Ahzab   Surah Number : 33   Ayat Number: 6
Topic : Prophet has a greater claim over believers

 وَاِذۡ اَخَذۡنَا مِنَ النَّبِيّٖنَ مِيۡثَاقَهُمۡ وَمِنۡكَ وَمِنۡ نُّوۡحٍ وَّاِبۡرٰهِيۡمَ وَمُوۡسٰى وَعِيۡسَى ابۡنِ مَرۡيَمَ وَاَخَذۡنَا مِنۡهُمۡ مِّيۡثاقًا غَلِيۡظًاۙ‏ ﴿۷﴾

And call to mind, (O Prophet), when We took the covenant from all Prophets; and also from you and Noah and Abraham, Moses, and Jesus the son of Mary. We took from them a solemn covenant

Surah Name : Al-Ahzab   Surah Number : 33   Ayat Number: 7
Topic : Covenant with Allah

 لِّيَسۡئَلَ الصّٰدِقِيۡنَ عَنۡ صِدۡقِهِمۡ‌ۚ وَاَعَدَّ لِلۡكٰفِرِيۡنَ عَذَابًا اَلِيۡمًا‏ ﴿۸﴾ 

so that (their Lord) may question the truthful about their truthfulness. As for the unbelievers, He has kept a painful chastisement in store for them.

Surah Name : Al-Ahzab   Surah Number : 33   Ayat Number: 8
Topic : The chastisement of Hell

يٰۤاَيُّهَا الَّذِيۡنَ اٰمَنُوۡا اذۡكُرُوۡا نِعۡمَةَ اللّٰهِ عَلَيۡكُمۡ اِذۡ جَآءَتۡكُمۡ جُنُوۡدٌ فَاَرۡسَلۡنَا عَلَيۡهِمۡ رِيۡحًا وَّجُنُوۡدًا لَّمۡ تَرَوۡهَا‌ؕ وَكَانَ اللّٰهُ بِمَا تَعۡمَلُوۡنَ بَصِيۡرًاۚ‏ ﴿۹﴾

Believers, call to mind Allah's favour to you when enemy hosts invaded you. Then We sent against them a wind and hosts that you did not see although Allah was observing all that you were then doing.

Surah Name : Al-Ahzab   Surah Number : 33   Ayat Number: 9
Topic : We sent against them a wind and hosts

اِذۡ جَآءُوۡكُمۡ مِّنۡ فَوۡقِكُمۡ وَمِنۡ اَسۡفَلَ مِنۡكُمۡ وَاِذۡ زَاغَتِ الۡاَبۡصَارُ وَبَلَغَتِ الۡقُلُوۡبُ الۡحَـنَـاجِرَ وَتَظُنُّوۡنَ بِاللّٰهِ الظُّنُوۡنَاؕ‏ ﴿۱۰﴾

When they came upon you from above you and from below you, when your eyes were stupefied with horror and your hearts leapt to your throats, and you began to entertain diverse thoughts about Allah.

Surah Name : Al-Ahzab   Surah Number : 33   Ayat Number: 10
Topic : Battle of Uhud

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