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اِقۡتَرَبَتِ السَّاعَةُ وَانشَقَّ الۡقَمَرُ‏ ﴿۱﴾

The Hour of Resurrection drew near and the moon split asunder.

Surah Name : Al-Qamar   Surah Number : 54   Ayat Number: 1
Topic : The moon will split asunder on the day of judgement

 وَاِنۡ يَّرَوۡا اٰيَةً يُّعۡرِضُوۡا وَيَقُوۡلُوۡا سِحۡرٌ مُّسۡتَمِرٌّ‏ ﴿۲﴾

(Regardless of any Signs these people see), they turn away and say: This is an ongoing sorcery.

Surah Name : Al-Qamar   Surah Number : 54   Ayat Number: 2
Topic : Non-believers called Allah message This is plain sorcery

وَكَذَّبُوۡا وَاتَّبَعُوۡۤا اَهۡوَآءَهُمۡ‌ وَكُلُّ اَمۡرٍ مُّسۡتَقِرٌّ‏ ﴿۳﴾

They also gave the lie to (the splitting asunder of the moon) and only followed their desires.3 Yet everything is destined to reach an end.

Surah Name : Al-Qamar   Surah Number : 54   Ayat Number: 3
Topic : The moon will split asunder on the day of judgement

وَلَقَدۡ جَآءَهُمۡ مِّنَ الۡاَنۡۢبَآءِ مَا فِيۡهِ مُزۡدَجَرٌۙ‏ ﴿۴﴾

Surely there came to them narratives (of the ancient nations) that should suffice to deter (them from transgression),

Surah Name : Al-Qamar   Surah Number : 54   Ayat Number: 4
Topic : Narrative of ancient nations has been told so that they deter-1

حِكۡمَةٌ  ۢ بَالِغَةٌ‌ فَمَا تُغۡنِ النُّذُرُۙ‏ ﴿۵﴾

narratives that are full of consummate wisdom. But warnings do not avail them.

Surah Name : Al-Qamar   Surah Number : 54   Ayat Number: 5
Topic : The narratives which are full of wisdom-2

فَتَوَلَّ عَنۡهُمۡ‌ۘ يَوۡمَ يَدۡعُ الدَّاعِ اِلٰى شَىۡءٍ نُّكُرٍۙ‏ ﴿۶﴾

So turn away from them, (O Prophet). On the Day when a caller shall call them to a thing most terrible

Surah Name : Al-Qamar   Surah Number : 54   Ayat Number: 6
Topic : The incident of Day of judgement

خُشَّعًا اَبۡصَارُهُمۡ يَخۡرُجُوۡنَ مِنَ الۡاَجۡدَاثِ كَاَنَّهُمۡ جَرَادٌ مُّنۡتَشِرٌۙ‏ ﴿۷﴾ 

with down-cast eyes they shall go forth from their graves, as though they were scattered locusts

Surah Name : Al-Qamar   Surah Number : 54   Ayat Number: 7
Topic : The incident of Day of judgement

 مُّهۡطِعِيۡنَ اِلَى الدَّاعِ‌ؕ يَقُوۡلُ الۡكٰفِرُوۡنَ هٰذَا يَوۡمٌ عَسِرٌ‏ ﴿۸﴾

They shall be hurrying forth towards the caller, and the unbelievers (who had once denied this Day), will say: This is a woeful Day.

Surah Name : Al-Qamar   Surah Number : 54   Ayat Number: 8
Topic : The incident of Day of judgement

كَذَّبَتۡ قَبۡلَهُمۡ قَوۡمُ نُوۡحٍ فَكَذَّبُوۡا عَبۡدَنَا وَقَالُوۡا مَجۡنُوۡنٌ وَّازۡدُجِرَ‏ ﴿۹﴾

Before them Noah's people also gave the lie (to his Message). They rejected Our servant as a liar, saying: He is a madman; and he was rebuffed.

Surah Name : Al-Qamar   Surah Number : 54   Ayat Number: 9
Topic : Story of Noah part-4

فَدَعَا رَبَّهٗۤ اَنِّىۡ مَغۡلُوۡبٌ فَانْـتَصِرۡ‏ ﴿۱۰﴾

Then he called upon His Lord: Verily I am vanquished; so come You to my aid.

Surah Name : Al-Qamar   Surah Number : 54   Ayat Number: 10
Topic : Story of Noah part-4

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