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وَالَّيۡلِ اِذَا يَغۡشٰىۙ‏ ﴿۱﴾

1. By the night when it overcomes

Reason for its Revelation:

This Surah was revealed regarding Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddique who had purchased Hazrat Bilal from Umayyah bin Khalf by paying a large sum of money to emancipate him from this cruel Jew. It should be remembered that Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddique (May Allah be pleased with him) had freed seven male and female slaves who were true, sincere believers and who were being severely persecuted by the infidels. Among these are Hazrat Bilal and Hazrat Malik bin Faheera were perfect saints and persons of great stature (May Allah be pleased with them).

The land for Masjide Nabawi too I had been purchased by the Holy Prophet from the wealth of Hazrat Abu Bakr who spent forty thousand Ashrafis (gold pieces) the Holy Prophet صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم on and in service of Islam after which he chose to wear clothes made from sheets he had sewn with thoms (Tafseer Azizi).

Surah Name : Al-Layl   Surah Number : 92   Ayat Number: 1
Topic : Night

 وَالنَّهَارِ اِذَا تَجَلّٰىۙ‏ ﴿۲﴾

2. And by the day when it brightens(1)

1. Here, the oath is either on day and night in general because night is the reminder of death and day is the reminder of the Day of Judgement. Furthermore, the nights conceal man's knowledge, senses, strengths and power from which one learns that these are not our own things. Also, that reveals who is a transgressor, a pious person, a negligent person and who engrosses himself in the remembrance of Allah Almighty. It is during the night that burglars, adulterers and immoral roguish persons engage themselves in these criminal activities, while the true devotees engage themselves in Tahajjud Prayer, weeping to their Lord.

Since the night precedes the day and is superior to it, it is mentioned before the day followed by that of the day. Or, by night and day is meant those days and nights of Hazrat Bilal, which he spent at the home of Umayyah bin Khalf in sincere remembrance of Allah under those severe adverse conditions. Since everything of the beloved is dear, therefore oath is taken on those nights and days of Hazrat Bilal. Or, by night and day is meant the nights and days of the true devotees, because their nights are spent in the thinking of their True Friend and the days are spent in the remembrance of the Friend. Therefore, oath is taken on them. Or, by night is meant the moments of negligence of the believer in which he commits errors, while by day is meant the moments of wakefulness in which he repents and weeps to his Lord. Since the sin of the believer is his means of shedding tears, seeking repentance and expressing remorse, therefore oath is taken on them as well. The sin which brings about repentance is superior to worship which leads to pride. The eating of wheat by Hazrat Adam (On whom be peace) is superior to the entire worship of Shaitan.

Surah Name : Al-Layl   Surah Number : 92   Ayat Number: 2
Topic : Fajr Dawn Morning

وَمَا خَلَقَ الذَّكَرَ وَالۡاُنۡثٰٓىۙ‏ ﴿۳﴾

3. And by Him Who created the male and the female (2).

2. In the human beings, or in all the animals, or in the entire creation. But the creator is pure and free from being in pairs and the creation is in pairs. From this we learn that the hermaphrodite form, in actuality, is either male or female and not a separate thing. Likewise, the mule too is either male or female because Allah Almighty has created two genders only i.e. male or female. There is no third gender.

Surah Name : Al-Layl   Surah Number : 92   Ayat Number: 3
Topic : Allah

اِنَّ سَعۡيَكُمۡ لَشَتّٰىؕ‏ ﴿۴﴾

4.Your Strivings are Certainly diverse (3).

3. "O Abu Bakr Siddique and Umayyah bin Khalf. Or, O reciters of the Quran. Or O mankind." The first meaning is more suitable because these verses have been revealed as mercy on Hazrat Abu Bakr and as a reprimand for Umayyah bin Khalf.

From this verse emerge a few issues:

1. Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddique is a believer of truth personified, a noble Companion and man of outstanding piety, because Allah almighty has declared him different to the infidels.

2. A person should not remain idle but continue to make an effort. He should let the machine of the body be rendered ineffective.

3. All the people are not the same: Among them are believers and infidels, pious and transgressors. Religious people are of differing quality; they differ in deeds and efforts. Anyone who tries to group them as one is in direct confrontation with nature. Differences had always existed among them and will always continue to exist.

4. The effort of Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddique is totally different to that of Umayyah bin Khalaf. The effort based on intelligence is different to that of the spiritual effort. Everything is endeavoring to return to its original. The abode of the baser self (Nafs-e-Ammarah) is fire, while that of the spirit is the garden of Paradise. It should be remembered that man does countless deeds, which are physical and monetary, but these are of three types: purely good, purely evil, partially good and, partially evil. If the deed is good then the intention of the doer should be good as well, his belief should be good then only will the action or deed turn out to be good. An example of this is the action of Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddique to free Hazrat Bilal, regarding whom these verses are revealed.

Surah Name : Al-Layl   Surah Number : 92   Ayat Number: 4
Topic : Striving

فَاَمَّا مَنۡ اَعۡطٰى وَاتَّقٰىۙ‏ ﴿۵﴾

5. Then as for him who gave (in charity) and feared Allah.

Surah Name : Al-Layl   Surah Number : 92   Ayat Number: 5
Topic : Good Deeds

وَصَدَّقَ بِالۡحُسۡنٰىۙ‏ ﴿۶﴾

6. And testified to the virtues.

Surah Name : Al-Layl   Surah Number : 92   Ayat Number: 6
Topic : Truth

فَسَنُيَسِّرُهٗ لِلۡيُسۡرٰىؕ‏ ﴿۷﴾

7. We shall provide him with ease (5).

It means that Abubakr who gave hs pure wealth in the path of Allah Almighty (e.g. for emancipation of slaves) and became a man of piety from the first day, that after coming in the world too he did not commit a sin and who accepted every word and deed of the Holy Prophet صلى الله عليه وآله وسلمas true by his own word, action and belief, for which he will grant him ease in the world, at the time of death, in the grave, on the Day of Judgement, in fact, through his mediation We will relieve the world of its difficulties.

After the demise of the Holy the hardships of Prophet صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم Islam and the believers had been relieved through Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddique. Or, it could mean that any person who gives every type of wealth to the rightful owners and safeguards himself from showing off, making taunting remarks and causing harm, acknowledge all the articles of faith, will obtain ease in the world, at the time of death, in the grave and on the Day of Judgement. In short, this verse is very comprehensive. It should be remembered that charity could be of wealth and of deeds as well. Thus, this verse is not just for the wealthy but is for both the wealthy and the poor. For this reason Allah Almighty has declared the verb "gave" as independent without the restriction of wealth.

Surah Name : Al-Layl   Surah Number : 92   Ayat Number: 7
Topic : Jannah-Heaven

وَاَمَّا مَنۡۢ بَخِلَ وَاسۡتَغۡنٰىۙ‏ ﴿۸﴾

8. And those who become misers (6) and independent (7).

6. Umayyah bin Khalaf who always spent his wealth to oppose Islam. This tells us that to spend on forbidden things is not generosity. In fact, it is miserliness of the highest order.

7. He regarded himself independent from the

From it we . learn that to regard oneself independent of the Holy Prophet صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم is the way of t Umayyah bin Khalf, while to regard oneself dependent on Holy Prophet صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم at all times is the way of Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddique. Even the Sacred Ka'bah is dependent on him because the very Qibla came into existence to please the Holy Prophet صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم and it became purified of its idols at the hands of the Holy Prophet .

Surah Name : Al-Layl   Surah Number : 92   Ayat Number: 8
Topic : Stingy

 وَكَذَّبَ بِالۡحُسۡنٰىۙ‏ ﴿۹﴾

9. And belied the virtues.

Surah Name : Al-Layl   Surah Number : 92   Ayat Number: 9
Topic : Truth

فَسَنُيَسِّرُهٗ لِلۡعُسۡرٰىؕ‏ ﴿۱۰﴾

10. We shall soon provide them with distress (8).

8. During one's lifetime, i.e. desires would be inculcated in him to perform such deeds, which are a means towards Hell. Life would be spent in total negligence; he would experience grief at the time of death of leaving behind his home and the grief of subsequent stages of the grave and the Day of Judgement. In the grave too,

Surah Name : Al-Layl   Surah Number : 92   Ayat Number: 10
Topic : Hardship

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